Video Therapy

All my sessions are currently via video. Video therapy (tele-practice) allows you to participate in face-to-face virtual sessions using your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.


  • Safer for those concerned about COVID-19
  • Same service as a traditional in-office therapy session
  • More accessible for people who live in remote areas of Arizona
  • More convenient for people who have time constraints or difficulty with transportation
  • More practical for people who work from home or are temporarily home bound

How To Make a Video Therapy Appointment

  1. Make sure I offer the services you’re looking for. Go to the FAQ tab (Frequently Asked Questions) for types of therapy, ages, fees, etc.
  2. Make an Appointment. Email me at and let me know of a couple of upcoming days and times you are available. I will email you and schedule an appointment.
  3. Complete the Initial Paperwork. Once you have made an appointment, I will email you the initial paperwork. Follow the simple instructions, sign the form digitally and click “Finish”. No scanning or special equipment is necessary.
  4. Be ready. A few minutes before your first appointment time click on This takes you to the virtual waiting room. I will join you at the designated time.

Video Therapy FAQs

Can I do other things during the session?

To get the most of your sessions, please be in a quiet, private place that allows you to talk and focus. Please avoid other activities like walking, exercising, or interacting with others. I cannot see you if you  are driving, drinking alcohol, or smoking during the session.

Can I just use audio through my phone rather than video?

Not for the initial session or on a regular basis. We can use the phone only if you are unable to get an internet connection for video. Phone connections are not HIPAA compliant at this time.

Do you provide video therapy for couples?

Yes. Please arrange a comfortable way to share the screen. I prefer that the couple be in the same location but in rare instances we can do a split screen via FaceTime.

Do you provide video therapy for group?

No. Workshops will be held by Zoom.

How do I pay for the sessions?

I would prefer secure bank to bank payment via the Zelle app. If you need to use credit card, debit card, or HSA card with a number click on the “Pay Here” tab on this website which is a direct, secure payment portal to Square services. 

Are there any negative aspects of Video Therapy?

  • Although I have chosen a HIPAA compliant platform, there are still inherent confidentiality risks of any electronic communication that are beyond my control (hacking, cloud, etc.).
  • There is also potential for technology failure such as a bad or lost connection that can be frustrating.
  • I am not available to patients in crisis and do not offer emergency or on call services. If you are in crisis call 911.
  • There is a potential risk of not being able to identify patients when using electronic communication that does not involve video, but I use audio and video during the intial assessment to assure identity. Patient identity is verified by a HIPPA compliant third party (Eversign) via email and signatures captured in the initial consent forms.

What if I live out of state?

I would have to review the laws of your state. For example, California, Colorado and Texas require that a therapist providing services for anyone residing in those states be licensed by those states. Each state has its own license, and I am only licensed in Arizona at this time.


Monday through Saturday by appointment. Please call or email for availability.


Please visit my Fees Tab. Please note I do not accept insurance other than the ComPsych EAP program.


Phone: 480-980-6308


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