Video Therapy

Video therapy allows you to participate in face-to-face virtual sessions using your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.


  • Same service as a traditional 55 minute in-office therapy session
  • More accessible for people who live in remote areas of Arizona
  • More convenient for people who have time constraints or difficulty with transportation
  • More practical for people who work from home or are home bound

How To Make a Video Therapy Appointment

  1. Make sure Dr. Coats offers the services you’re looking for. Go to the FAQ tab (Frequently Asked Questions) for types of therapy, ages, location, fees, etc.
  2. Make an Appointment. Email Dr. Coats at and let her know of a couple of upcoming days and times you are available. She will email you and schedule an appointment.
  3. Complete the Initial Paperwork. Once you have an appointment, Dr. Coats will email you the initial paperwork. Follow the simple instructions, sign the form digitally and click “Finished” which returns the completed form to Dr. Coats. No scanning or special equipment is necessary.
  4. Pay. Prior to the session, pay for the Video Therapy session on the “Pay Here” tab.
  5. Be ready. A few minutes prior to your appointment click on and check in (this takes you to the virtual waiting room). Make sure your camera and microphone are on. Dr. Coats will click on your name when she is ready.

Video Therapy FAQs

What about privacy?

All communication and sessions are HIPAA compliant. To further guard your privacy, please be in a quiet, private place like your home or office.

Can I do other things during the session?

To get the most of your sessions, avoid other activities like exercising, driving, or interacting with others. And, as with in-person sessions, please do not use drugs or alcohol before or during the session.

What if I’m already your patient and I just want an occasional session via video therapy?

That’s fine! Since your paperwork has already been completed, make an appointment, or email Dr. Coats as much in advance as you can if you want to change your in person appointment to video therapy.

Can I just use audio through my phone rather than video?

No, sorry, phones are not HIPAA compliant at this time.

Do you provide video therapy for couples?


How do I pay for the sessions?

Click on the “Pay Here” tab on this website which is a direct, secure payment portal to Square services. Square accepts any major credit card, debit card, or HSA card. Dr. Coats has used Square safely and successfully in her office for several years.

What if I live out of state?

Dr. Coats would have to review the laws of your state. For example, California, Colorado and Texas require that a therapist providing services for anyone residing in those states be licensed by those states. Each state has its own license, and Dr. Coats is only licensed in Arizona at this time.

Please call today 480-980-6308


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