Individual Therapy

I provide therapy for adults who are struggling with depression, old wounds, grief, healing from an affair or divorce, unresolved issues from their childhood or past, anxiety, difficult life transitions like midlife crisis, setting boundaries with their adult children, feeling unsettled about retirement, spiritual confusion, or being stuck in some way. I use empathy, compassion, and clear direction to help you navigate better, grow in lasting, life-altering ways, and take better care of yourself. My goal is for you to thrive and live a fuller life beyond coping.

I can help you with:

  • Depression, anxiety, grief, unresolved hurt, old wounds,
  • Relationships with parents, family members, adult children, siblings, friends, coworkers
  • Forgiveness of others or self-forgiveness
  • Letting go of the past: resolve, forgive and let go of regrets, estrangements
  • Behaviors you’d like to change
  • Transitions; “empty nest”, career, family, launching adult children
  • Becoming empowered to make changes at home, work, or within
  • Owning and celebrating your place in the LGBT Community
  • Grieving and resolving the loss of a beloved family member, horse, or pet

There are a few issues that require areas of expertise or experience that I do not have. I do not treat:

  • Children and adolescents
  • Current trauma victims (sexual assault, domestic violence, or other crimes)
  • Relationship issues of people with multiple sexual partners (polygamy, polyamory, lifestyle, swinging, open relationships)
  • Relationship issues related to BDSM
  • Individuals questioning or considering gender reassignment
  • I did not provide court ordered or mandated counseling of any kind
  • I do not treat or provide evaluations or written reports for DUI, any kind of disabilities, FMLA, complex medical issues, or support animals.

Please call today 480-980-6308


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