Couples Therapy

Most couples come to me because they are having trouble with:

  • Poor Communication: having the same argument over and over; not being heard; difficulty seeing the other person’s point of view
  • Imbalance in: activity; sex drive; motivation; earning; independence; household chores
  • Cheating: an emotional or physical affair; sexting; hook ups
  • Behavioral Issues: jealousy; immaturity; over-spending; poor focus; lack of commitment; flirting; porn; yelling; name calling
  • Betrayal: secrets; lies; finding a double life; hiding information

Feeling like your marriage or relationship is at risk can cause anxiety, anger and confusion. Most couples want to save their relationship but feel stuck or feel like running away.  Couples therapy offers you a safe, structured setting to express yourself, be heard, and find real tools for communication, re-connection, and building trust again. Please call today 480-980-6308.

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