Individuals: I counsel adults who are struggling with depression, old wounds, getting through painful guilt or losses, healing from an affair or divorce, anxiety, difficult life transitions like midlife crisis, setting boundaries with their adult children, feeling unsettled about retirement, unresolved issues from their childhood or past, spiritual confusion, or being stuck in any way. I use empathy, compassion, and clear direction to help you navigate better, grow in lasting, life-altering ways, and take better care of yourself. My goal is for you to thrive and live a fuller life beyond symptoms and just coping. 

Couples: Couples generally come to me because they feel stuck and want a professional to help them recover from an affair, improve their communication, or feel loving and intimate toward each other again. I meet with the couple in the first session together to determine if we can work together. (Please note the list of issues below that I do not treat.) Couples therapy usually requires a rigorous commitment of weekly sessions for a while depending on the issues. If one member of the couple is having an individual issue separate from the couple, I may see that person separately for occasional sessions to help support the couple’s progress. However, since the couple is “the client” there can be no secrets withheld from the couple. 

Counseling can help you:

  • Reduce, manage, or eliminate anxiety, depression, grief, unresolved hurt
  • Strengthen your relationship as a couple, improve communication, heal from an affair once and for all, and learn to treat your partner or spouse as the apple of your eye
  • Heal relationships with parents, family members, adult children, siblings, friends, coworkers…
  • Resolve, forgive and let go of past: regrets, estrangements, damage from affairs
  • Manage transitions with “empty nest”, career, family, adult children or grandchildren who need to move out
  • Feel empowered to make changes at home, work, or within
  • Grieve and resolve the loss of a  beloved family member, horse, or pet
  • Own and celebrate your place in the LGBT Community

I DO NOT treat the following:

  • Children and adolescents
  • Adults actively abusing drugs or alcohol (must complete detox and/or rehab first)
  • Adults with eating disorders
  • Victims or perpetrators of recent sexual assault, domestic violence, or crimes
  • Clients seeking evaluations for disability, FMLA, service animals, etc.
  • Clients whose reason for counseling is to address complex or long term medical issues
  • Adults or couples who participate in polyamory or BDSM
  • Please click on my FAQ tab for other details

Fees for Services:

  • First Appointment (Initial Assessment for everyone) 90 minutes $225.00
  • Individual Sessions 55 minutes $150.00
  • Couple’s Sessions 90 minutes $225.00
  • Cash, Checks, and Major Credit Cards accepted in office
  • Major Credit Cards accepted on website “Pay Here” tab

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